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Bailing Wire

Everything about AmeriSteel  brand baler wire is directed to the convenience of ranchers and, most importantly, dependable performance in producing maximum weight bales of hay.  

First, special, high-grade steel is drawn and annealed for consistent break and elongation qualities.  Next, uniform, layer-wound coiling and a special lubricant are used to provide tangle-free, rust- resistant wire that is paid out through a special, perforated, center knock-out in the package for easy dispensing.  Finally, a water-resistant carton and four-way, nylon tape fastening of coils produce a useful, everyday product of superb quality.  

  • Meets ASAE standard specifications.  

  • 14½ gauge annealed wire comes in 8-inch (i.d.) and 13-inch (o.d.) coils with 6-inch width. 

  • Each package has 6,500 linear feet of wire.

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Bailing Wire: Social Responsibility
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