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Sunfilm: Stretch Ag Film


Sunfilm® RT-100 Silage Wrap is a high-strength reflective white silage plastic that creates an airtight tension seal for 12 months minimum to preserve silage bales. 

Sunfilm® RT-100 reflects solar heat, eliminating the wasteful caramelizing that can occur with black wrap and maximizing the value of your silage. Using Sunfilm® RT-100 allows you to maintain the high level of nutrition in your silage by keeping it virtually spoilage free. 

Economics play a part in any feed system. All Sunfilm® Silage Wraps are uniquely engineered for pre-stretch of up to 75% with no reduction in strength, toughness, UV durability, or tack. It is this combination of quality and performance that makes Sunfilm® the preferred hay wrap plastic throughout the world. 

AEP is a major US manufacturer of polyethylene products for agricultural and industrial applications. Out commitment to quality and ongoing research and development have made AEP a leader in the industry. 

This Silage Wrap is capable of withstanding extreme climatic conditions, having been tested and proven from the north of Canada to the desert heat of the southern states to the tropics of Central and South America as well as Europe and Japan. We are proud to offer this wrap with a full one-year replacement warranty.


  • Written guarantee against U.V. inhibitor breakdown.

  • Tested worldwide in all climates

  • No windowing

  • .001 gauge

  • Accurate length and weight per roll

  • High density water resistant core

  • Tear resistant

  • Exceptional strength, memory and tack migration

  • Low density blown film

  • Well-packaged for roll protection

  • Available in 500mm and 750mm rolls

Innovative advances in agricultural films have allowed AEP to become a leading producer 
of silage bale wrap. AEP films offer you the most sophisticated scientific properties available 
for storing silage.

  • Superior strength and barrier properties create an airtight seal for up to twelve months of outdoor storage with nutritional levels maintained

  • 75% Stretch capability

  • Greater ultraviolet protection with denser reflective white to assure feed quality

Stretch Ag Film: Quality Control
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