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Baler Twine

Big Square, Small Square, or Round Bales: We've Got what You Need!

We represent both domestic and international manufacturers to offer you the best twine possible at the best prices available. Since bales come in different shapes, sizes and weights, we offer a variety of twines that meet your specific needs.

There are 3 main classes of polypropylene twine each with a specific purpose: slit film (tape), monofilament, and solar degradable twine.

See all twine specs below.

Baler Twine: Our Products

Our Twine Family

With manufactures such as Tapex and Premium we proudly sell the best twine on the market!

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Plastic Twine Specs

Our slit film (tape) baler twine is particularly well suited for conventional square bailing, especially when the job calls for heavy-high tension bailing. We offer a complete line of poly twines for both square and round balers.

big square twine table.jpg

Features Include:

  • Uniform strength and thickness

  • Will not rot

  • Easily burned or recycled for disposal

  • Non-Toxic and harmless if eaten by livestock

  • Can be stored outdoors for up to 18 months without significant deterioration

  • Each ball is individually shrink wrapped to avoid tangles and waste in the baler twine box

  • Can be used on any properly adjusted twine baler without modification

  • Available in a wide variety of colors: Orange, Yellow, Blue, White, Blue/Yellow to name a few. (Additional colors available at an up charge with a minimum order.)

small square twine table.jpg

Round Baler Twines:

Slit film round twine is solid color twine that comes in tensile strengths ranging from 110 lbs to 150 lbs and is standard among round twines. Standard colors include: yellow, orange and blue.

Round Twine Chart.jpg

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our baler twines are guaranteed to perform in their given specs and will perform with no hassle. If for any reason you have an issue contact us and we will resolve of it!

Baler Twine: Features
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